AqueenaPro is a highly technologically advanced filtering system, designed around the most effective filtration process: Reverse Osmosis. Being equipped with a 5 stage filtration system, it ensures maximal purification of the water, by effectively removing all dangerous contaminants making it pure and healthy to drink. Fully automatized and practical, it represents the best economical solution for your daily healthy water supply for home and office use. 

Zepter International, known for its strict quality control standards, uses the latest technology and rigorous testing, as well as international certification to ensure the high level of safety and efficiency of AqueenaPro for positive health benefits.


  1. FIVE-MICRON PP FILTER effectively removes larger particles, like rust and sand, as well as other solid impurities from the water.
  2. PELLET CARBON FILTER absorbs free chlorine, organic matter, odours, discolouration and other substances from the water.
  3. ONE-MICRON PP FILTER removes particles of a smaller size, such as suspended solids and colloids.
  4. THE REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANE filters bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, like lead, cadmium, mercury, pesticide residues, and nitrate compounds;
  5. COCONUT POST-FILTER improves odour and adjusts taste.


The body of an average adult consists of 35 - 50 liters of water. Water is essential to all living organisms. The main component of the human body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, while the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, the muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Water has the excellent ability to dissolve a multitude of substances, to deliver oxygen to the cells, to regulate body temperature, to help the metabolism process. Babies have a higher percentage of water in the body than adults, but in general the human body is 70% water. To sustain life functions and good health, an adult needs to drink 2 to 3 litres of water each day.

Drinking enough clean water will:

  • Improve mental performance
  • Help to prevent critical ailments
  • Keep you in shape
  • Wash away cavities

Make the smart life investment and increase your life performance.


The smart, space-saving design of AqueenaPro makes it a necessary part of every modern kitchen. It easily fits beneath the kitchen sink, becoming an endless source of life-giving fluid: clean water.

We use water not only for drinking but also for rinsing and washing food, preparing tasty meals and juices and making baby formulas. When preparing tea or coffee with clean water we will discover the incredibly improved taste and an aroma so intense we didn't thought possible. We will no longer have any problem with deposits on the water cooker and coffee machine. Thanks to pure water, they will stay as clean as new for a very long time. Clean water not only improves the quality of our meals and drinks, it also takes care of our health becoming an important part of our everyday lives.

We do not compromise with health and safety! AqueenaPro brings the joy of clean water to everybody: to those who care about their health, to those who appreciate the taste of clean water and want it always readily available at home, to those who realize how important a clean environment is but also to those who are eager to save on their drinking water expenses.


Workmanship requirements, material specifications and the designed strength of components of AqueenaPro, are at the highest level. Every single system leaving the production line is thoroughly tested before it is approved for shipment to our customers. AqueenaPro is manufactured by a member of Water Quality Association and its performance has been additionally controlled by an accredited laboratory.


  • Double water recovery rate (42%) in comparison to competition!
  • Hermetically closed inbuilt tank (9.5l)
  • New generation of filters
  • Filter change alarm, which indicates when the filter needs to be replaced!
  • Control & Filter Status Display
  • Computer control box, which automatically adjusts and controls AqueenaPro’s working process.
  • New generation RO membrane integrated with the membrane housing to prevent tampering.
  • Leakage sensor, to detect device leakage; it secures the user`s property and avoids damages caused by leaks.
  • New generation high pressure pump, which creates a stable environment for the RO membrane and gives superb performance.
  • Combined solenoid valve, to flush the RO membrane automatically and control waste water flow.
  • One-way flow valve, to prevent water backflow.
  • Eco Design certificate - low energy consumption